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When your child is missing

When your child is missing, your mind races through so many questions – what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. It is overwhelming. We understand. We have been there. We designed this publication to help you take each necessary step, contact the right people, and know how to move forward.

Elaine Hall

”From the moment our child went missing, time stood still - but went by so fast. Our lives changed dramatically.”

-Elaine Hall, mother of Dylan Redwine

Colleen Nick

”I remember standing in the middle of the chaos
and wishing I had a book to tell me what to do.”

-Colleen Nick, mother of Morgan

Nacole Svendgard #2

”When first talking with law enforcement, there's so much to take in. Your mind goes blank. Have someone with you who can write things down.”

-Nacole Svendgard, mother of Jessika

Patty Wetterling

”Although you may feel like you’ve been dropped onto another planet when first working with law enforcement, remember that they don’t know you, or your world. Work hard at letting them know who you are as a family, and what is both unusual and customary in your home. Think of their brusqueness as urgency as they begin their search and learn about you and your child.”

-Patty Wetterling, mother of Jacob

Dr. Noelle Hunter

”Gear up for what must happen in the first 24 to 48 hours. It’s time to fortify your mind, your soul. Prioritize self-care and family care, too, because you will need both.”

-Dr. Noelle Hunter, mother of Maayimuna N'Diaye, “Muna”

Jeffrey Morehouse

”You may have to educate your law enforcement agency on international parent child abduction (IPCA) cases. It is important to convey that IPCA actions are not a custodial dispute, but a federal crime.”

-Jeffery Morehouse, father of Atomu Imoto Morehouse, “Mochi”

Ahmad Rivazfar

”I admire and support the crusaders who live the cause of protecting our kids, of helping families bring their children home. My daughter is now one of them!”

-Ahmad Rivazfar, father of Sara

Ahmad Rivazfar

”A lot of parents find their way through the trauma by doing good deeds for others – by helping the next person navigate the mine field.”

-Nacole Svendgard, mother of Jessika

Elaine Hall #2

”Don’t feel guilty about laughing. Your other children need to see you smile.”

-Elaine Hall, mother of Dylan Redwine

Parents of Missing Children

”We know it’s hard, but do your best to take a deep breath. Take your time. Ask questions. Take comfort in knowing there are many people who can help. You are not alone in this.”

-Parents of Missing Children